Jim Siwy
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I have entitled my professional practice, “Knowing The Person, Healing The Soul,” because that reflects what I do. My passion is in helping people understand themselves in a deeper way and in transforming their suffering and pain into personal growth. We are each on life’s journey, finding and following our individual calling. There is much in this world that interferes with this journey, sometimes resulting in fear, hurt or frustration, leaving us demoralized at our circumstances or even with ourselves. We are not made to solve our problems on our own. Often we benefit from walking with a special companion on this journey, someone who is not part of our everyday system of relationships and who has skills and experience to bring us insight and comfort.

As a psychologist with many years of training and experience, I have come to realize that my calling is a ministry of soul care. Foundational to my work has been my own personal healing, in which being lost and in despair formed the painful beginning of a journey of searching and finding ways that turned weakness into strength. This trip involved facing unpleasant reality and learning to receive help from others. It required all my heart and mind. It turned out to be deeply spiritual and completely practical. Thus, although I have earned the requisite credentials through training and experience as a licensed psychologist (see Bio), my primary “credential” is brokenness with a daily dependence on God for competence and direction in doing my work.

Most of what I do is individual psychotherapy or counseling. I also have expertise in psychological assessment (testing). These two services have merged into what is known as therapeutic assessment, in which testing becomes a means for therapeutic dialogue. I more fully describe therapeutic assessment in another entry. I also discuss the similarities and differences of psychotherapy and counseling as forms of soul care. One can regard assessment as a focusing on “knowing the person” and psychotherapy/counseling as “healing the soul.” While these procedures can be seen as separate, they share much in purpose and outcome.

My job is to help people answer the questions and deal with the problems that bring them to my office. These can include many issues, such as depression, anxiety, interpersonal difficulties, addictions or uncertainty about decisions or personal identity. I specialize in mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorder). And I am open to spiritual issues, from a Christian perspective.